Don Congdon Associates, Inc. 110 William St. Suite 2202 New York, NY 10038
212 645 1229 phone 212 727 2688 fax dca@doncongdon.com


Please contact us at dca@doncongdon.com. Be sure to state your name, the company you work for, the name of your inquiring client (if you’re from a law office or entertainment agency), production credits, and the title of the specific work of interest to you.


Please fax a letter with your complete contact information to (212) 727-2688 to the attention of Cristina Concepcion. In addition to the title and excerpt details of the work you would like to reprint, please state the publisher of your book, its publication date, the print run of the paper edition and/or the alternate formats you require, and the language and distribution territory for your book. If you are asking for Internet publication rights, give the web address of the site where the excerpt or work will be published, and if it will be password protected or not. We require permission fees to be paid within 60 days of our issuing you a license.


For inquiries concerning translation or international rights, please send your inquiry to cconcepcion@doncongdon.com or get in touch directly with our foreign agent for your particular territory.

Foreign Agent contact information PDF